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  1. shoot square

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    • ph.


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    • 請英文達人翻譯~不會太難

      An indispensable one is that the square is crisp with chicken meal to speak of Chiayi...among them Penetrate tower Sun Shooting of day Tower have two the sun living...

    • 當我翻譯一篇文章~~

      There is a large square in front of Notre Dame...grand building of the church, or shoot the appearance of the whole church. ...make people's soul quiet. Have square and long windowpane of shape around , paint...

    • 英翻中(有關嘉義的食物等...)

      ... omelet 小籠包 Steamed dumpling 方塊酥 Square cake 雞肉飯 Chicken Rice 粿仔湯...射日塔 Chiayi Tower (also known as Shooting sun Tower)