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    • 翻意中文翻英文

      處理方式 佛手瓜可以生吃或熟食。 生吃的方法通常是加在沙拉裡,或單獨沾油醋醬。 它可以利用各式各樣的方式烹調。 當正好成熟時(嫩芽開始長出來), 佛手瓜削皮後可以做成克里奧爾式的菜餚;像是accras或是焗烤的作法。(我查網路accras是一種法式的煎餅,用...

    • My foot is asleep

      ...brain and body. When you sit on your foot, you temporarily compress, or squash, the nerves in that area. These nerves can't send messages back to the...

    • 做網頁要的About us英文版描述

      ABC Co., Ltd. established in 19xx, manufactures castors for machinery, medical... for sports equipments such as tennis, squash, and badminton rackets. We also manufacture special...