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  1. stack up to


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    • 1. 加起來共計 How much do all these figures stack up to? 這些數字的總和是多少?
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    • 急~請幫我解釋這些英文片語~~

      ...husband. stack up 堆疊; 堆聚 stack up [for something] to accumulate, as in stacks. Your work is stacking up...

    • 簡易的四句英文翻譯 (禁止使用網路翻譯)

      (1).DUTs long-sides sit on metal shelf next to each other from left to right. 受測裝備以長方為底放置在金屬架上 由左至右一一緊密併排. (2).DUTs stack up and bottom side sits on the shelf. 受測裝備以底部為底疊放在金屬架上. (3...

    • in the corner 和to the corner

      Please stack up the cartons in the corner. 在講義上是翻 "請把紙箱堆在角落裡" 我想...片語,形容前面的 cartons ,所以版主翻的是對的. Push the cartons to the corner. 把紙箱推到角落去.