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  1. stacks

    • stack的名詞複數
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    • stack pile

      ... below...but it means different things a stack of something -- a stack of money a pile of something -- a pile of...,bricks When to use "stack" hay, wood logs, books, chimney,bricks...

    • (文法)為什麼stacking要用ing

      .... a. She got a temporary job. b. Her job is to stack shelves. (Her job is stacking shelves) a跟b...

    • stack the cards是什麼意思

      stack vt. ( 及物動詞 transitive verb ) 1. 堆積,堆起 2. 架[槍] 《例句》 * Stack arms! 架槍! 3. 指令(等待著陸的飛機)作定高分層盤旋 4. (洗牌)作弊...