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    stacks of

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    • stack pile

      ...below...but it means different things a stack of something -- a stack of money a pile of something -- a pile of...,bricks When to use "stack" hay, wood logs, books, chimney,...

    • 一疊表格英文如何表達?

      一疊表格文件:a pile/stack of forms/documents (複數...我可以要一疊(像這樣)的表格嗎?不用stack也可以表達相同的意思吧:Could you give me some of these forms? 如果不夠再加一句...

    • 拜託~餐服或英文高手幫忙~~(不要直接翻拜託)

      ...餐具的大塑膠盆,但正確中文名我不清楚也找不到,不好意思。 Resting a stack of plates in the bend of the arm should be avoided. as the stack may collapse...