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  1. stage

    • IPA[steɪdʒ]


    • n.
      a point, period, or step in a process or development;a section of a journey or race
    • v.
      present a performance of (a play or other show);organize and participate in (a public event)
    • noun: stage, plural noun: stages

    • verb: stage, 3rd person present: stages, gerund or present participle: staging, past tense: staged, past participle: staged

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. a point, period, or step in a process or development there is no need at this stage to give explicit details I was in the early stages of pregnancy 同義詞 phase, period, juncture, step, point, ... 更多
    • a section of a journey or race the final stage of the journey is made by coach 同義詞 part, section, portion, stretch, phase, ... 更多
    • each of two or more sections of a rocket or spacecraft that have their own engines and are jettisoned in turn when their propellant is exhausted.
    • a specified part of a circuit, typically one consisting of a single amplifying transistor or valve with the associated equipment a series resistance between the headphones and the output stage
    • 2. a raised floor or platform, typically in a theatre, on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform there are only two characters on stage 同義詞 platform, dais, stand, grandstand, staging, ... 更多
    • the acting or theatrical profession I've always wanted to go on the stage 同義詞 (the) theatre, drama, dramatics, dramatic art, show business, ... 更多
    • a scene of action or forum of debate, especially in a particular political context Britain is playing a leading role on the international stage 同義詞 scene, setting, context, frame, sphere, ... 更多
    • 3. a floor or level of a building or structure the upper stage was added in the 17th century
    • (on a microscope) a raised and usually movable plate on which a slide or object is placed for examination.
    • 4. (in chronostratigraphy) a range of strata corresponding to an age in time, forming a subdivision of a series the Oxfordian stage
    • (in palaeoclimatology) a period of time marked by a characteristic climate the Boreal stage
    • 5. historical a stagecoach.


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    • STAGE

      「S」跟「T」兩個都是氣音發音的子音(正確的念法只有氣聲),當「S」與「T」連在一起以「St」的形式出現時,「t」要發『d』的聲音,所以要念成「ㄙ-ㄉㄟ-ㄐㄩ」。同理,「t」也要發『d』的聲音還有: Student Study...

    • stage foam 中文譯名查詢

      我只知道如果是: stage foam machine 指的是製造舞台泡沫效果的機器 如果是 on stage foam ball 是指麥克風...

    • exit, stage right是什麼意思!?

      Exit, stage right指風光下台,或見好就收。通常用於形容之前成就不錯,或光景良好的人事物,當趁著未走下坡時退出。 與Exit, stage right相反的是Exit, stage left。指的則是景況不風光,或不佳時,安靜...