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  1. stage manager


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    • 請翻譯下面話劇用語~~

      ASM = Assistance Stage Manager 助理舞台監督 DSM = Deputy...進行。 執行舞台監督 Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) -主要負責演出的技術安排...

    • who,+ving的用法??

      She argued with the stage manager who, having seen me perform before...加入補充敘述﹙關係子句、或分詞子句﹚  The stage manager suggested that I go on in her...

    • 急!! 英翻中..關於劇場助理舞監

      ...舞監直接地對舞臺監督在他/她的缺席負責任。 ASM=Assistant Stage Manager 希望有幫上你 改超久的 2007-10-04 12:08:59 補充: An ASM...