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  1. stain

    • IPA[steɪn]


    • v.
      mark or discolour with something that is not easily removed;be marked or be liable to be marked with a stain.
    • n.
      a coloured patch or dirty mark that is difficult to remove;a thing that damages or brings disgrace to someone or something's reputation
    • verb: stain, 3rd person present: stains, gerund or present participle: staining, past tense: stained, past participle: stained

    • noun: stain, plural noun: stains

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  2. 知識+

    • remove the blood stain


    • stain remover這是什麼東西?

      ...,they'll throw in a free bottle of their amazing stain remover 他們清理任何三間房間只要 $ 29.95. 以及連接這些房間的走道是免費的...

    • 生理心理學解釋名詞

      Golgi stain 高爾基染色,神經細胞染色法的一種,可以染出神經細胞的突出部份(也就是神經元的延伸出來的部份)以及附近血管 Nissl Stain 尼氏染色,也是神經細胞染色法的一種,主要是染核糖核酸(RNA...