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  1. stall off

    • ph.
      敷衍; 拖延
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. 敷衍; 拖延

      They have to stall off creditors. 他們只好敷衍債主。

      They stalled off the trial. 他們拖延了審判。

  2. 知識+

    • 幾種延期的英文如何區分

      ...被停止了(隱含有動彈不得的意思) We were stalled in the mud. procrastinate: 因心理行為而被耽擱了(尤其是...matter until it was almost too late. table (???) put off: same as postpone hold over: 原先要停止的事被延長了(如...

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      We have paid off the October rent. Per your discussion with our manager last time, please set up a promotional stall as agreed. With your support on the stall, we anticipate the...

    • 請問汽車熄火,英文該怎麼講呢?

      通常如果手排車路上熄火了是說 stall. e.g. It stalled! The car stalled! I stalled it! 如果是關引擎是: turn off the engine / turn the engine off switch off the engine / switch the engine off