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  1. stamp

    • IPA[stæmp]



    • n.
    • vt.
      蓋上; 衝壓上;在…上蓋章; 在…上壓印圖案
    • vi.
      跺腳; 用蹄子跺地; 壓制;重步走
    • 過去式:stamped 過去分詞:stamped 現在分詞:stamping

    • 名詞複數:stamps

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 郵票 a 32p stamp 一枚面值32便士的郵票 a first-/second-class stamp 第一類/第二類郵件所貼的郵票
    • 2. 贈券
    • 3. 橡皮圖章; 鋼印 a (die) stamp 衝模
    • 4. 戳記; 印章 visa stamps 簽證章 a document bearing the official stamp 蓋有公章的文件
    • 5. 跺腳; 跺腳聲 with a stamp of one's foot 一跺腳 to give a stamp of anger 氣憤地跺一下腳
    • 6. 蓋章; 衝壓
    • 7. 特徵 the stamp of truth 真實性 to bear the stamp of greatness 具有高貴的氣質
    • 8. 類型 women of her stamp 她那樣的女人


    • 1. 蓋上; 衝壓上 the date of entry is stamped in my passport 我的護照蓋上了入境日期 the name is stamped on the box 名字印在了盒子上
    • 2. 在…上蓋章; 在…上壓印圖案 to be stamped ‘paid’ 蓋有“付訖”章
    • 3. to stamp one's feet 跺腳 to stamp one's foot in anger 氣得直跺腳
    • 4. 在…上貼郵票 to be insufficiently stamped 郵資不足
    • 5. 衝壓 to stamp metal discs from or out of a sheet of copper 用一張銅板壓制金屬圓盤
    • 6. 銘刻 to stamp one's personality on sth. 給…注入自己的個性 it remains stamped on my memory 這件事一直銘刻在我的記憶中
    • 7. 表明 his denial stamped him as a liar 他加以否認表明他在撒謊 his clothes stamp him as a foreigner 他的衣著表明他是個外國人


    • 1. 跺腳; 用蹄子跺地; 壓制 to stamp on sth. 用力踩某物 you stamped on my foot! 你踩到我的腳了!
    • 2. 重步走 don't stamp! 走路腳步別那麼重!


    1. crush, flatten, or remove with a heavy blow from one's foot

    2. walk with heavy, forceful steps

    3. impress a pattern or mark on (a surface, object, or document) using an engraved or inked block or die

    4. impress (a pattern or mark) with an engraved or inked block or die

    5. reveal or mark out as having a particular quality or ability

    6. a characteristic or distinctive impression or quality

    7. a particular class or type of person or thing

  2. 知識+

    • stamped with a seal 是什麼意思?

      (完全自翻 沒有用網路翻譯機) (歡迎指教) (喜歡的話就選我吧) stamped 動詞(stamp的過去式當被動語氣)意思是: 蓋章 seal 名詞 意思是: 泥印 章印 stamped with a seal: 把...蓋上章印 有相關問題的話 歡迎補充

    • stamping cost 英文該怎麼翻?

      STAMPING COST 應該是指沖壓 ( 金屬沖壓 ) 客戶應該是問你 7000 SEREIS INJECTORS 的沖壓成本 OR 沖壓模具的費用

    • company's stamp是什麼意思

      company's stamp是公司的印章