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    • 1. 踩踏 I'm sorry I stamped on your foot. 對不起, 踩了你的腳。 stamp on a spider 踩死一隻蜘蛛
    • 2. 懲治 Anyone who objected to the reform could expect to be stamped on by the party. 任何反對改革的人會受到黨的懲治。
    • 3. 壓制; 阻攔 No teacher should stamp on a child's idea without considering it. 老師不應該不加考慮就把孩子的想法壓制下去。



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      I can put a few extra postage stamps on the envelope. 我可以在信封上多貼幾張郵票 2011...可以說成"I can stick a few extra postage stamps on the envelope",這是口語的形式,比較台灣話所...

    • 這句英文的文法?分詞構句? (which is) written on her letter the date (which is) stamped on the envelope (which is) (關係代名詞 + BE 動詞) 常常可以省略 這不...

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      ...收取文件的必要性) the copy (影本) of your passport with the arrival and departure stamp on it for our reference. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance...