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  1. stamp out

    • vt.
      踩滅;鎮壓; 消除
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 踩滅
    • 2. 鎮壓; 消除 to stamp out tax evasion 打擊逃稅行為 to stamp out the disease 消滅這種疾病
    • 3. 衝壓 to be stamped out from a strip of steel 用鋼條衝壓而成


    • 1. 重步走出 to stamp out in a huff 氣衝衝地走出去
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      ...鋁片在大戰期間沒被派上用場用在軍隊裝備及武器上. 就這一小段 特別想知道stamping out pens from precious scraps這部分 因查過 stamp 也 查過 stamp out 但...

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      Premier calls for active steps to stamp out child abuse 蘇貞昌:以積極行動,遏止虐童 Relevant government agencies...

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      ...山崩和其它問題的種植者。 5. Theirs is a great need to regulate and stamp out its use, but there is also great resistance against all efforts to...