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  1. stand (or stick) out a mile

    • ph.
      be very obvious
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    • 急~~~幫幫忙翻譯啊 (勿用線上翻譯)

      錯誤的思想。 他差不多搖頭在它引起他的痛苦尖聲喊叫並且倚靠小屋打開。 與想出他在那裡或者到達那裡當作他多久相比較,有更多要求問題。 蛙遇到麻煩,仍然在嚴重的麻煩方面即使風暴消失。 她只能有在邊上留下的4 或者5 英寸出水高度, 至少傾斜,她的甲板將從在小船裡面的水...

    • 一些英文的歇後語

      ...from you.) 3. WRAP (Rap - 饒舌) 4. smiles - there is a "mile" between the 2 "s". 5. "wrong" 6. Stamp (郵票) 7. "...

    • 急!!翻譯有關大象虐待的短文!!

      ... not know which of its own in the end standing mile, a good man to control them, to their ...elephant in a cage cries a week, then they put out, since then, the elephant no longer afraid disobedient...