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    • 請問Stand alone complex 翻成中文

      這個是日本漫畫的「攻殼機動隊」(英文名:Ghost in the Shell)的最新專輯名稱,以Stand Along Complex為名的產品已有PS2遊戲、小說、音樂...

    • 誠徵英文文法高手翻譯歌詞

      Why am I standing alone in the twilight Let me go, no more lonely... that I don’t need So believe in my dream 活著,忍受它, 我清楚地感受到...

    • 高中的克漏字選擇的問題!

      Never get under a tree that is standing alone in an 4 place. Tall things that stand up from the earth 5 lightning to...