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    stand apart from oneself

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    • stand apart from 應該要怎麼翻譯?

      ...39;s difference upon contact with them by 'allowing them to stand apart from [one's own home culture] on their own' (1990: 41). Charles...

    • writtenness是什麼意思?

      Its very writtenness makes our Constitution stand apart from what people mean when they speak. writtenness查不到...是非成文的? written...

    • can ever burst apart in an...?

      組成Apophas形體的聖甲蟲在瓦礫堆上亂竄且毫無阻礙的通過斷垣殘壁間的裂隙。 在幾丁質翅膀爆炸後,Apophas的身體便爆裂開來,並飛越戰場重新組合成一個男人的形體。 Apophas 會清除任何擋在他和獵物之間的東西,只要他張開嘴巴,一大群昆蟲便會從他嘴...