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  1. stand at ease

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    • Indirect speech直接引語與間接引語的問題12

      ... him not to train himself but to get more rest. 02. “Stand at ease!” the captain commanded. The captain commanded that everybody stand...

    • 請幫我把下列中文翻成英文 of the school 12.The gift becoming 13.The team please stand at ease 14.Hand over a flag to the school respectfully 15.The athlete ...

    • 英語升旗典禮

      ...ceremony 主席就位 - (主席是誰..?) ___ takes position/stand 唱國歌 - The Taiwanese National...立正 - Attention! (Atten~~~~~tion!) 稍息 - At ease 向前看齊 - Look straight 進教室 - Enter...