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  1. stand by

    • ph.
      支持; 幫助;袖手旁觀
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    • 1. 支持; 幫助 No matter what happens, I'll stand by you, so don't be afraid. 不管發生什麼我一定支持你, 所以你不用害怕。
    • 2. 袖手旁觀 How can you stand by and let him treat his dog like that? 他那樣虐待他那隻狗, 你怎麼能袖手旁觀呢?
    • 3. 準備行動 The troops are standing by. 部隊正嚴陣以待。
    • 4. 信守(承諾等); 遵守 She still stands by every word she said. 她仍然信守自己說的每一句話。


    支持; 幫助


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