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    stand in amazement

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    • 請幫我看文法~急~~今天要

      ... am not know why do I walked in, I thought that was possibly to her, that clerk was amazed and stood there, her reaction made me very happy...

    • 英文高手幫個忙~ 翻譯是否有誤??

      ... later a large emperor penguin stood in front of the Friz. Liz took...rdquo;Ms.Frizzle asked in amazement Frizzle小姐驚異的問道 :Cecil...

    • 把下列文章英翻中順暢謝謝!!

      Cecil叔叔回答道:「一整瓶。」 Frizzle女士下令:「拿過來,可以開始準備走了。」 Cecil叔叔從公事包裏拿出最後一瓶秘方,把它給Frizzle女士後閉上眼睛。幾秒後,一隻大型的帝王企鵝站在Frizzle前面,它看了她一眼就跳進...