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  1. stand near

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    • 1. 站在...的附近 Mary is standing near her father. 瑪麗正站在她父親的附近。
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    • Near的用法 !!

      ...relative. 這位叔叔是他的近親。 用形容詞near,修飾名詞relative。 副詞: They stand quite near. 他們站得很近。 用副詞near,修飾動詞stand。 It is near impossible...

    • 用英文句子回答

      ...and not to think about things upset you.4.What do you do when  someone standing near you faints ? It's important to make sure someone fainted near you...

    • 請大大幫忙英文翻譯 翻譯下列句子

      ... to collect a bike from a cycle stand and then leave it at another stand near their destination. 許多城市都在推行允許自行車騎士從一個自行車站領取...