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  1. stand out against

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    • 1. 繼續抵抗 He is brave enough to stand out against the wicked man. 他勇敢得足以繼續抵抗邪惡的人。 We managed to stand out against all attempts to close the company down. 我們竭力頂住了要關閉公司的一切作法。





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    • 請幫我用stand out against造句好嘛??!><

      1. Some politicians stand out against the new legislation enacted by the president.

    • stand 和 withstand 的差別?? to openly oppose something or someone e.g. More and more people are standing out against what is a very unpopular piece of legislation. withstand: to bear or not be ...

    • 有關stand 的片語?!

      ...ceremony 講究客套 26.stand on/upon one's dignity 堅決受到應有的禮遇;保持尊嚴 27.stand out 1. 堅持,2. 引人注目 28.stand out for 堅決要求 29.stand over 延期 30.stand still...