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  1. stand out from

    • ph.
      遠遠超過; 突出, 顯眼
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    • 1. 遠遠超過; 突出, 顯眼 Her work stands out from the rest as easily the best. 她的工作成績遠比其他人都好。 bright lettering that stands out well from a dark background 由暗色地襯托出很醒目的字
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    • 英文文法造句^_^~~急

      stand out例句; From adding smoky depth to rich sauces for meat and ... to study chemical engineering. She's a real stand-out . Jennifer學業成績全優。今年秋天她將上哈佛大學學化學...

    • 脫穎而出的英文怎麼說?

      ...的語意,例句是She stands out in a crowd. (2)stand out from the crowd是否正確同樣剛剛英英字典第57:a. to project; protrude: The ...

    • 麻煩幫翻譯句子...英翻中的句子!!謝謝

      1.But one method stood out from all the test: Trevor Snell says...知道他們可以遠離他。 2006-04-08 18:06:13 補充: stand out = 脫穎而出take the place of = 代替wheel = 輪子at the...