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  1. stand out from the crowd

    • ph.
      be clearly better than or noticeably different from ordinary people or things
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    • 脫穎而出的英文怎麼說?

      ...的語意,例句是She stands out in a crowd. (2)stand out from the crowd是否正確同樣剛剛英英字典第57:a. to project; protrude: The piers stand...

    • 英文─求一句翻譯(有關於寵物方面)

      ... shelves _with_ gear, treats and toys that will stand out from the crowd. 那就是說,全國的寵物店買家都很認真在他們店中置物架上堆積與眾不同的用品...

    • 鶴立雞群 展翅高飛怎麼翻?|zh-TW => stand out from the crowd. 展翅高飛 比喻更上一...