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  1. stand sb. to

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    • stand 和 withstand 的差別??

      ... are making a stand against the new road through the valley. stand out agaist sth/ sb: to openly oppose something or someone e.g. More and more people are standing...

    • 有關片語翻譯及簡單造句

      ...元買那個包包。(通常spend+錢+on+物) 6.stand sb up 放~鴿子 If he should stand me up, I will never go out with ...lake. 早餐過後,我們出發前往湖邊。 8.strange to say 說來奇怪 Strange to say, I...

    • 有關stand 的片語?!

      ... now in need of help. 他們現在需要幫助。 15.stand in sb.'s path阻礙某人如願 He is bad-tempered and won't listen to anybody, so you'd better not stand in his...