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  1. stand to

    • ph.
      stand ready for an attack, especially one before dawn or after dark
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    • 請幫我英文查一句話的詞性?謝謝

      stand close to xxx close to xxx 是副詞片語, 修飾動詞stand. stand close to you; stand close to your side 靠近妳身邊站立 stand close to the people 站在靠近群眾的立場; 緊緊守護著人民 If you stand close to the...

    • Stand to fold washing的意思

      並沒什麼特別的意思吧 就「站著摺衣服」 washing = laundring = 洗好的衣服 (其它的字尼應該都了解意思了)

    • 有關stand 的片語?!

      ...stand back1. 退後,2. 不參與 The policeman asked the spectators to stand back. 警察要旁觀者退後。 Mary ran the family and her husband...