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    stand to gain

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    • 文法 缺動詞

      ...both opponents stand to gain much from that debate. =...reasonable opponents who stand on the common ground... willing to debate on intellectual merits and gain much from it .

    • 組織行為~中翻英~<急

      ...overtly to the use of the macro and how they would spend their extra time because they stood to gain from it. If they had thought about the consequences...

    • 關於wto文章的英文翻釋~急~~~~拜託英文高手幫幫忙

      最多這樣: 標明政體一般比好其他貿易限制慣例象深濃和部分進口禁止那樣,或者允許unre stricted 進入給unlabelled 食品。 尤其,消費者很可能從允許選擇在高費用igh qualityconforming 貨物和低成本低質量的產品之間獲得。 不過有在使用需要被處理的標明要求過程中的一些實際的困難...