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  1. stand up for

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      支持, 捍衛
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    • 1. 支持, 捍衛 We should be ready at all times to stand up for truth. 我們應當隨時準備捍衛真理。 I believe that you are innocent of the crime and I'll stand up for you anywhere. 我相信你無罪, 無論在何地我都將維護你。


    支持, 捍衛

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    • 請問stood up for me before怎麼翻

      "The other night, when he ... Nobody's ever stood up for me before," she said. "另一個夜裡,當他...以前從來沒有人會為我站出來," 她說. stood up for me before-以前為我站出來

    • 英文文法一題

      ...較晚。 He was to my left, seated, since he couldn't stand up for the hour (that) his talk would last. 畫線的子句是當修飾名詞hour的修飾語...

    • ”打抱不平”的英文是?

      stand up for someone/something 為誰/什麼打抱不平 或是比較不正式的用法 stick up for someone/something