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    • 1. 勇敢地面對

      The businessmen must stand up to the gang extortionists. 商人必須勇敢面對幫派的勒索。

      Stand up to the bully and he won't dare to hurt you. 勇敢地面對那個混混,以後他就不敢再傷害你了。

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    • I would not be vertical today?

      ...07 09:35:01 補充: I think, her illness might disable her from standing up to do normal chore. This was why she used "vertical" instead...

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      ....Still, many people saw Miles Davis as someone who stood up to a system that often kept African Americans from economic success...

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      Teacher: Sleeps stands up (complete people to me all to stand up) teacher: Haven't you stood how up the young eye lead: I have...