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    • 請問這句話中的stand up是什麼意思呢?

      ...說簡單部分: 1. stand up comedy: 通常把前兩個字寫成 stand-up , 整個片語的意思是 "單人搞笑劇" 或 "脫口秀". (單口... is known for his stand up comedy and entertainment, and a more serious look at life as...

    • 誰能幫我回答以下英文片語的意思???

      ...理解 stood up 被放鴿子; 站起 ex: She stood me up 她放我鴿子 ex: I stood up 我站起來 be fond of 特別喜愛 ex: She was fond of the blue bedsheets 她特別喜愛...

    • way over 和sneaked up 的意思?

      ... "came very quietly and stood behind you". "sneaked up behind you"說法, 表達的意思是"悄悄地靠近並站在你後面".