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  1. stare at

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    • 1. 盯著看 The little girl stared at the toys in the window. 這小女孩盯著櫥窗裡的玩具。



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    • at the sheets of...這句英文是什麼意思?

      把幾個主要的詞語拆開來看: * stare at 瞪著 這個詞 如同 see、watch、hear 、feel ... 等感官...而是用 being 呢? 如前所述,感官動詞 “ stare at”之後,為了強調動作的進行,後接的動詞需改成...

    • Finlay stared at her

      芬利的視線停駐在她臉上,一種糟透了的陰霾籠罩上他的臉。 簡單說來意思是他臉色很難看地盯著那個女生這樣啦,要看看上下文,應該是有什麼大獲的事情發生了吧...

    • stared in horror at the ...?? a hero’s sword, but to a singlespear hurled by an unknown soldier. He stared in horror at theshaft protruding from his chest, knowing that it had...