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    • "傻眼" 英文該怎麼說??

      意思近於目瞪口呆mu deng kou daiㄇㄨˋ ㄉㄥˋ ㄎㄡˇ ㄉㄞ  1.stupefied; dumbstruck; open-mouthed; wide-eyed; speechless; gape; to stare in open-mouthed wonder; to see a wolf; to be  struck dumb

    • ~我需要2分鐘的英文演講稿~麻煩各位了^0^”

      ..., he noticed that everyone stared at him and he started to move to...right away. I know it’s really hard to open your mouth and say that words straight forward. ...

    • The Greedy Dog英翻中

      某天晚上,布朗夫婦下班回家並且讓他們的狗班吉進到屋子裡。 當布朗先生在客廳裡寫信時,布朗太太及班吉在廚房裡。 過了一會兒,布朗先生叫道:「親愛的,你可以過來一下嗎?我需要你來幫我檢查一下我的拼字。」「你可以等我一下嗎?我要把我們的晚餐從烤箱中拿出來。」布朗...