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  1. stare someone down

    • ph.
      look fixedly at someone, typically in a hostile or intimidating way, until they feel forced to look away
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      ...'t even be able to walk down the steps. 我甚至連走下樓...的眼前閃過一張張荒唐至極的圖像。 Someone will find me here in the early... Hibbins,staring with her wild eyes...

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      ... ever saw him staring at the sky, idling as if he was missing someone!" 謝謝你! Thank you... him lying down without any movement. Is he ok...

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      “就因為他沒有工作,沒有給他的權利,吼叫,我和我的朋友, ”托尼喃喃地說。 托尼的父親放下報紙,盯著他的兒子。 “沒有, ”他說。 “出於同樣的原因,你沒有權利來判斷他。除非你不知道他的 經歷。 “托尼的父親搖了搖頭,然後挑選他的報紙回來了。 &ldquo...