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  1. start

    • IPA[stɑːt]


    • v.
      begin or be reckoned from a particular point in time or space;embark on a continuing action or a new venture
    • n.
      the point in time or space at which something has its origin; the beginning;the point or moment at which a race begins
    • verb: start, 3rd person present: starts, gerund or present participle: starting, past tense: started, past participle: started

    • noun: start, plural noun: starts

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    • start被動主動問題

      ...第二句是錯誤的。 (O) Works could be started soon. (X) Works could be starting...如果你繼續問下去,你可以指出: "the race starts" vs "the race is started"...

    • Start with的意思是《由...開始 》那為什麼不是 start from?

      Start with的意思是《由...開始 》(X) Start with的意思是《由做...開始 》(O) 例子: 1. For this trip, let's start with Taipei.= 這個旅程,讓我們從玩台北開始. (台北是旅程的第一個玩...

    • beginning與start

      ...意思就有些不同呢 1. at the beginning of 2. at the start of 略有異 at the beginning of 在..........的初期...在... 的末期 At beginning of , = at the start of 從..... 開始 2011-08-11 22:12:40 補充: 前述已說...