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  1. start a family

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    • 1. 開始生兒育女 They want to start a family but can't afford it at the moment. 他們想生個孩子, 但暫時還養不起。
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    • 關代類英文問題

      有一句歌詞 I had that a dream which we branched out(關係子句修飾dream) started a family tree. 亦可寫成句子 That I had a dream which we branched out(S) started (V) a family tree.

    • 英文文法rather than 及 instead of差別 work hard to travel around the world rather than to have children,or even to start a family. 就我知道的大概這麼多吧... 希望對你有幫助~^^~

    • 英文翻譯 這幾段文章我自己翻都怪怪的

      ... already mentioned, some people want to experience an adventure,either before starting a family or simply because they have never done anythinglike that. Others prefer to wait...