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    • 1. 開始 Let's start in and clean up the kitchen. 咱們開始打掃廚房吧。
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    • who starts in this?

      1.who (starts) in this? 2.I (ring) the bell. 3.She (looks) happy. 4.He...

    • 請幫忙檢查語法及單字+翻譯英文(15)

      1. English start in 12 years old. --> I has studied English... kind and friendly. (整篇的時態最好都一致, 用過去式較好) 4. But in June the English teacher change from Ms. Ju to Ms...

    • is startingstarts的用法?

      Hurry up! 這句是祈使句. 祈使句後面要接現在進行式的句子. 而starts 是{現在式}.不是{現在進行式} 所以不能接starts 喔!