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  1. start in on

    • vt.
      開始批評; 開始斥責; 開始衝…叫嚷
    • 釋義


    • 1. 開始批評; 開始斥責; 開始衝…叫嚷 she started in on me for being late 她因為我遲到了而數落我
  2. 知識+

    • inon的用法

      ...'m going to have a party in May. 以及 I am starting my school in May. (不過去參加party 一般會說是幾月幾號,如果有日期的話就要用on。請參考下面使用inon的時機) 使用於月,年或春夏秋冬等四季時用in,如in...

    • 請問以下不同的地方, start now on

      A. Start now on , ( this is not a grammar mistake, however, no one actually use it in a sentence, so I do no recommend... as " afterwards, government started to care about its people"...

    • in*on*at的用法

      ...'s too cold in winter to run outside. He started the job in 1971. He's going to quit in ... in Durham. →地址 我們使用 on 來指定日期。或者on 來指定街道等名稱 譬如...