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  1. start off

    • vi.
    • vt.
      使開始做;使生氣; 使發笑; 弄哭
    • 釋義


    • 1. 出發 the horse started off at a steady trot 這匹馬穩步小跑起來 he started off down the path to the village 他沿著小路向村莊走去
    • 2. 首先做 let’s start off with some gentle exercises/by introducing ourselves 我們先來做點強度小的運動/進行自我介紹 I started off working quite hard, but it didn’t last 我一開始幹得很賣力,但沒有堅持多久
    • 3. 一開始是 the leaves start off green but turn red later 樹葉一開始是綠色,但後來會變紅


    • 1. 使開始做 the company started him off as a shipping clerk 公司一開始讓他做的是運務員 don't start her off crying 別把她惹哭了
    • 2. 使生氣; 使發笑; 弄哭
    • 3. 給…發起跑信號
    • 4. 首先進行 we started off our tour with a visit to the palace 遊覽一開始,我們就先去參觀了宮殿 they started off the season by losing their first four matches 賽季剛開始,他們就輸了前4場比賽
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    • start off/out/over?

      start off--開始--Let's start off today's meeting by singing a song. 讓我們唱一首歌來開始今天的會議 start out--開始一個事業或生活-- Miss Lin started out as a model...

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      ...often than the other. Here are the situations where “start off” is more commonly used than “start out”, even though both...

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      ..., this is the way, of course,” said the mother, as she started off to the right, “No, this is the way,” said she, as she...