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  1. start off


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    • 1. 出發;開始 When shall we start off? 我們什麼時候動身?
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    • start off/out/over?

      start off--開始--Let's start off today's meeting by singing a song. 讓我們唱一首歌來開始今天的會議 start out--開始一個事業或生活-- Miss Lin started out as a model...

    • 請問start offstart out在語氣和表達上區別

      ...often than the other. Here are the situations where “start off” is more commonly used than “start out”, even though both...

    • started off to the right是何意?

      ..., this is the way, of course,” said the mother, as she started off to the right, “No, this is the way,” said she, as she...