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  1. start sb. off on sth.

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    • 1. 使某人開始進行某事

      What started him off on this crazy idea? 他這個荒唐的主意是哪兒來的?

      Don't start her off on one of her boring stories. 不要惹她說她那些乏味的故事。

    • ph. 一開始就順利, 有好的開始

    • The runners got off to a good start and looked like beating the record. 選手們一開始就跑得很好, 看來會打破紀錄。

      The new scheme got off to a good start. 新計劃一開始進展順利。

    • ph. 開端很好; 一開始就佔優勢

    • Our holiday got off to a flying start because the weather was good and the trains were on time. 我們度假一開始就大吉大利, 天氣很好, 火車也都準點。

    • ph. 開始時不好

    • Their marriage got off to rather a shaky start. 他們的婚姻一開始就有些不穩固。

    • ph. 有好的開始

    • The new scheme got off to a good start. 新計畫一開始進展順利。

    • ph. 有好的開始

    • The new scheme got off to a good start. 新計畫一開始進展順利。

    • ph. 一開始就順利,出師順利

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    • ph. 【口】開始做某事物時正確(尤指人際關係)

    • ph. 【口】開始做某事物時不正確(尤指人際關係)

    • The new student started off on the wrong foot with the teacher by answering back rudely. 那個新來的學生粗魯地跟老師頂嘴, 一開始就把關係搞僵了。

    • ph. 開始; 出發

    • He started off without telling us where he was going. 他沒有告訴我們到那裡去就離開了。

      What made him start off on this weekend cycling craze? 是甚麼東西促使他開始投身到這種週末騎自行車的熱潮中去的?

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