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    • 1. 開始進行 We haven't started on the job yet. 我們還沒有開始做這件工作。
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    • 請問以下不同的地方, start now on

      A. Start now on , ( this is not a grammar mistake...put in a sentence like "from now on, I will listen to my mom... as " afterwards, government started to care about its people"...

    • 英文翻譯問題(口語化)

      ... should do it. But I would start on wild takes. 「這樣應該就行了,但如果是我...天馬行空的點子」。 所以 But I would start on wild takes 整句我才翻譯成「我會先從天馬行空...

    • 請幫我看一下這句子的文法

      ... he'd phone back first thing tomorrow. 你的句子Could we start on it first thing tomorrow morning, then? 在first thing用法上沒錯,用上述...