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    • ph.
      以...開始; 開始
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    • ph.
    • 1. 以...開始; 開始

      Have you started on your next book yet? 你已經開始寫下一本書了嗎?

      We have three rooms to decorate altogether. I think we'd better start on the dining room. 我們一共要裝飾三個房間, 我想我們最好從餐廳開始。


    以...開始; 開始


    「以...開始; 開始」的反義字

    • vt. 開始責備

    • she started on at me again about getting some new clothes 她因為我買了幾件新衣服又開始數落我了

    • vt. 開始批評; 開始斥責; 開始衝…叫嚷

    • she started in on me for being late 她因為我遲到了而數落我

    • vt. 開始抱怨

    • don't start on about him not having a job 不要埋怨他沒有工作

    • ph. 使某人開始進行某事

    • What started him off on this crazy idea? 他這個荒唐的主意是哪兒來的?

      Don't start her off on one of her boring stories. 不要惹她說她那些乏味的故事。

    • ph. 【口】對某人批評(或責罵、嚷叫)

    • He started in on us again for poor work. 因為我們幹得不好, 他又數落開了。

    • ph. 開始,著手

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    • ph.
    • We haven't started on the job yet. 我們還沒有開始做這件工作。


    • ph.
    • We haven't started on the job yet. 我們還沒有開始做這件工作。
    • vt.
      批評; 抱怨
    • don't start on me 別數落我
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