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  1. start on about

    • vt.
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    • 1. 開始抱怨 don't start on about him not having a job 不要埋怨他沒有工作
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    • 請問以下不同的地方, start now on

      ...future, so you can put in a sentence like "from now on, I will listen to my mom", which...can be written as " afterwards, government started to care about its people" which means after a...

    • 一般問句改成間接問句

      ... what president said about the country's future. When...s father give him a baseball glove on his birthday? I want know are? Will the ball game start on time? Can you tell me...

    • 英文翻譯4題

      ...) for supper. 大家都同意,然後拿出爸爸包好,當晚餐的三明治。 3. I started to (write) a note on the map about this wrong road. 我開始在地圖上紀錄這條走錯的路。 4. On the map at this...