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  1. start over

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    • 1. 重新開始 She wasn't satisfied with our work and made us start over. 她不滿意我們的工作, 讓我們(全部)返工。
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      重新開始 she wasn’t happy with our work and made us start over 她對我們幹的活兒不滿意,讓我們返工
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    • start off/out/over?

      ...out as a model. 林小姐以模特兒的身分出道 start over--重新開始-- We screwed it up. We have to start over...

    • 無法重來的英文

      1.無法重來 There is no way to start over again. There is no way of start over again. We can't start...

    • She chuckled at me. 這樣寫對嗎?

      ...通常chuckle是用在動作、事情或物體上,很少直接用在人物上。 2. I start over to make the cake. -->I started over on making the cake...