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  1. start sb. up in sth.

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    • 1. 使某人開始從事事業(或工作等) He started his daughter up in the trade. 他讓女兒從事這一行業。
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      ...與某人絕交 I broke up with my boyfriend when I...2010-02-02 05:10:39 補充: (43) bring sb./sth. back 送回某人某事物 My dad... forth by the committee. (45) bring in sth. 獲得利潤 She brought...

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      1. have a head start lose your head... head down give sb his/her...a bad hair day get in sb's hair 3. all eyes are on sb/sth keep your...turn your nose up lead sb by a nose 6...

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      ...是「帶上來」  1) to bring sb/sth up = to mention a subject or start to talk about it 在言詞上「帶上...02 01:38:01 補充:  2) to bring sb up = [usually passive] to educate and... born and brought up in Taipei.   例:他在...