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  1. start the ball rolling


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    • 5句英文短句翻譯成中文

      ...要求,我們一定會優先盡力處理。 題目四: However, in order to make the ball start rolling, we accept … 不過,為了怕有緩不濟急之虞,我們也接受... 題目五: We...

    • 幫忙改文章 改文法 20 點

      ... Depression is to invest ourselves, and wait until the ball starts rolling. 2009-01-17 10:44:24 補充: lol ahh so it's just an essay? haha i ...

    • 幫我翻譯一下 (中翻英) 二十點

      ... rational and emotional, requiring coaches and players start with the left and right brain. With or without the ball in hand, you have to use your imagination with his teammates match...