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  1. starting lineup

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 先發陣容 That the United States can win the gold medal in Olympic Men's Basketball Competition is because it has a very strong starting lineup. 美國男籃之所以可以拿到奧運冠軍是因為它的先發陣容太強了。
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      ... Guerrero is not expected to be in the starting lineup. 從洛杉磯天使隊初步排出來的陣容看來,外野手Vladimir Guerrero...

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      ...technical foul灌籃 : slam dunk二次運球 : double dribble打手犯規 : hacking先發球員 : starting lineup替補球員 : bench player籃外空心 : air ball=============================東區費城76人----...

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      First the bad news: The new lineup of summer movies is probably the worst we've had in years starting with The return of the Dragon Slayers. Give us...