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    in a delicate state of health

    • ph.
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    • Health,Wellness和well-being有什麼差

      ...through proper diet, exercise, and preventive medicine) Well-being 幸福/健康的 (state of being well, healthy) tacit values 隱含的價值 health service 保健服務 health care 保健(事業)(的...

    • state, status 都表狀態時,有何差別?

      ... with the two words. For example: He is in a poor state of health vs. He is in poor health status. Both mean the same...

    • States是什麼意思??

      ...; 1.狀況, 狀態[C] The vice president is in a state of poor health. 副總統健康狀況不佳。 2.情況; 形勢[C] 3.形態; 心態; 興奮狀態[C...