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  1. state banquet

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    • 有誰可以幫我翻一下中翻英呢~謝

      ...because imperial family members still frequently in this vacation or hold important state banquet, therefore must defer to the certain route visit in the castle, will buy tickets...

    • 各位先知 請問有人知道must designate dish

      "必選佳餚"! [例]:"紅蟳米糕"這道菜,是國宴中必然指定的菜色. The Rice-pudding with Red Crab is the must designate dish at the State Banquet.

    • 軍事用語翻譯 ~急~20點

      ...performance 7.Wedding, funeral appearance duty 8.Present the letter of credence, state banquet 9.Every union military salute duty 10.Task on garrison duty of the national...