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    • 1. 文具店 The pens of the stationery store are not only special but (also) very cheap. 那家文具店的筆不但特別, 而且很便宜。
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    • 請教某句英文內容的用字問題

      ...但意思會不一樣.. There are also shoppers where in the stationery store near your school ...=這裡也有顧客...where(而在這地方....在 stationery store...

    • 英文句子翻成中文

      ...7. My younger brother and I had a part-timejob in a stationery store last summer vacation. 8. Look at the rainy clouds in the sky...

    • 中文翻英文急需

      ... in the food market because you can cut price down. These is one stationery store in back of the food market. I might buy some writing utensils...