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    • available 用法

      This means (that) they use more oxygen to stay alive and, according to the researchers, they...2012-10-12 12:32:06 補充: for growth和前句的to stay alive都是表示目的的片語。 for growth 也可寫成to keep ...

    • Right Between The Eyes 這樣翻譯行嗎?

      ...這樣我會心痛 Can't see you going out like that 不忍卒睹你就此墮落 Stay alive my love 堅強吾愛 Stay alive my love 堅強吾愛 Stay...

    • 請幫我把這段英文的肯定句找出來並改成問句(20)

      ...the lucky ones find to care for them ? 2.They eat garbage to stay alive. And they kill small wild animals or farm animals for food...