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  1. stay on

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    • 1. 留在某物上面 My hat won't stay on properly. 我這帽子怎麼也戴不正。
    • 2. 保持某種活動狀態(亮著、燒著、運動著...) The TV stays on all day at this place. 這個地方的電視成天開著。
    • 3. 繼續停留; 繼續任職 We'll stay on in the village till the autumn harvest is over. 我們將留在村裡, 秋收後再走。 The promising young doctor was asked to stay on at the hospital after his period of training. 醫院要求這位有前途的年輕醫生實習結束之後在醫院繼續留下。